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Alexandria Journal of Science and Technology is a basic and applied sciences journal with interdisciplinary activity. The journal aims to provide rigorous peer review and enable rapid publication of cutting-edge research to educate and inspire the scientific community worldwide. We publish original research from all areas of the natural sciences. The journal aims to make significant contributions to applied research and knowledge across the globe through the publication of original, high-quality research articles in the field of Basic Sciences. The Journal publishes one Volume divided into two Issues per Year (one in January and the second in July).

Each Issue contains different Journal Topics:

Journal Topics

  • Topic 1: Mathematics: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Theoretical and Applied statistics, Computer Science
  • Topic 2: Physics and Biophysics
  • Topic 3: Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Topic 4: Biological Sciences (Bioengineering, Biomedical Sciences, Microbiology and natural products, Neuroscience)
  • Topic 5: Marine Sciences and Environmental Science
  • Topic 6: Geological Sciences and Geophysics.

In addition to original research articles, Alexandria Journal of Science and Technology publishes reviews, mini-reviews, case reports, letters to the editor, and commentaries, thereby providing a forum for reports and discussions on cutting-edge perspectives in science. All submitted papers are subjected to a strict single-blind peer-reviewing process. The Journal is committed to publishing manuscripts via a rapid, impartial, and rigorous review process.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 55-83 

Publication Information

Alexandria University, Faculty of Science

Editor-in-Chief Co-Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Editorial Board
Prof. Ahmed G. Radwan Prof. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty Prof. Ali Hadi Prof. Teodor Bulboaca Prof. Sotiris K. Ntouyas Prof. Mohamed Kholief Ass Prof. Islam Tharwat Elkabani Prof. Ahmed El-Gendy Prof. Salah S. A. Obayya Prof Adel Amer Prof. Tarek Abdel-Fattah Prof. Zaheer Ul-Haq Prof. Gehad Genidy Mohamed Prof. Fernando Albericio Prof Rafiq H Siddiqui Prof. Galal H. Elgemeie Prof. Ayman Atta Prof. Mohamed Abdel Salam Prof. Salah S. Massoud Prof. Mohamed E. El-Khouly Prof. Stéphane DANIELE Prof. Mohamed Ali Ghanem Prof. Reda Abou-Shanab Prof. Ranya El-Bakatoushi Prof. Ahmed Gaballah Prof. Gamal Badr Prof. Marc Landry Prof. Mohamed Aly Radwan Prof. Marie Moftah Prof. Aley El-Shazly Assoc Prof. Raef Abdelmoneam Prof. Mahmoud Khamis Prof. Xuezhen Zhang Prof. Amira Mohsen El-Sayed Hamdan Prof. Abdallah Mohammed Samy Gad  Prof. Eva Díaz Assoc Prof. Olev Vinn Prof. Kamal Mohamed Hamed Dawood Prof. Ashraf Abd El Moneim Aly Prof El-Refaie Kenawy Prof. Kamal Ibrahim Aly Prof. Ahmed A. Fadda Prof. Ahmed Ismail Hashem Prof. Lidia Robaina Prof. Moataz Bellah Mohamed Soliman Prof. Mahmoud Ibrahim Abbas Prof. Ramadan Awad Prof. Adnan A Bekhit
Associate Editor
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